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Why Early Childhood Education Matters

Children have been attending preschools for more than a hundred years, but it is only recently that studies and research have been conducted to see the real benefits of preschool education. No longer a place to just play, attending a preschool has become crucial for a well-rounded childhood. Some parents still wonder if the amount of attention given to educating these little children is actually worth all the money spent? Let’s take a look at the real benefits of preschool education.

Studying early childhood education for my doctorate for the past 7 years, and having staff members who are all qualified, trained and experienced is childhood education, we believe and know through studies that by the age of only 3, 85% of all brain cells have been created. Researchers at Harvard studying memory development have seen children at the age of 2 being able to recall memories to be able to repeat tasks shown months earlier. This goes to show how children are able to learn and retain information much more when they are just toddlers.

As adults today, we live in a world that is highly competitive, where we are always wanting to be more organized, wished we could recall information faster and hold our attention for longer periods of time. We want to have a better hold of our emotions and work very hard to achieve all of this. Early childhood education is not only about learning the basics in life such as colors, numbers and the alphabet. This is something everyone can pick up eventually. At Memorial Montessori, we want to ensure that your child is equipped with the smaller but more important things in life. Can they hold a pencil properly? Is their hand-eye coordination built? Is their life balanced with play and work, enough to pique their curiosity? If you are looking for the golden key where your child is able to build his independence, knowledge, critical thinking ability, memory, focus and discipline, early childhood education is the key. Being equipped with all this and more from an early age will ensure that your child does not face the struggles we face today.

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...85% of all brain cells are created by the age of 5. Now the same research says this occurs by 3 years of age.

-Anil Karim, B.Ed, M.Ed, Ed.D (in progress) Executive Director of Memorial Montessori

Anil Karim

Why Memorial Montessori Sugar Land, Tx?

At Memorial Montessori Sugar Land, we provide a nurturing program that is student centered and inquiry based. Our curriculum is tailored to see that whatever your child learns with us through work, play and experiences is a foundation for his future learning and development. From the time your child steps into our campus, he/she will feel safe, secure and comfortable and once this happens with any child, he/she is ready to grasp any knowledge given to them.

If you are new to Montessori, you will find that Memorial Montessori delivers a great Montessori experience for the parent and child while maintaining its membership with the American Montessori Society (AMS). We implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum designed to challenge your child’s physical, social, and cognitive needs. The activities help sharpen each Home individual sense while holistically developing your child. As a result, Montessori children are more independent, more detail oriented, have a higher attention span, and show a significant improvement in language, math and social skills. We respect children as self-directed individuals and foster their growth toward independence and social responsibility, while creating a joyful, diverse and family-oriented community. Above all, we share the essential Montessori belief that learning can and should be immensely satisfying and great fun. Parents who want to provide their children with a stronger foundation and brighter future choose Memorial Montessori.

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Dr Maria Montessori

The most important period in life is not the age of university studies, but the first one – the period birth to age of six.

-Dr. Maria Montessori Founder of the Montessori Education