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  • 5 DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids
    February 2, 2018  

    When it comes to holidays and kids, there is nothing more fun than creating gifts yourself. Not only can it help teach your child to be creative, it is also a great bonding experience! At Memorial Montessori in Sugar Land, we believe creativity is an important part of learning and think it is awesome when our students can create things on their own. Looking for some cool Valentines ideas for your child to bring to […]

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  • How to Teach Good Manners and Politeness to Your Child
    January 30, 2018  

    It seems like these days there are less and less polite young people and children. It can be a real struggle to teach your kids good manners in a world full of ill-mannered children. We believe that politeness isn’t just an ability that your kids learn to use when they feel like it, it should be a whole way of life lived not just by them, but by you, too. One of the first things […]

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  • Cooking with Your Kids
    January 10, 2018  

    Cooking with your kids can be a rewarding experience that not only draws you closer as a family, but helps them learn! Kids of all age groups can benefit from getting some hands-on experience in the kitchen. It’s not only fun; it’s educational and tasty! Preschool Age It’s nice to let your kids get the opportunity to see how their favorite meals and snacks are put together and some hands-on experience as well. With kids […]

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  • Yoga for Kids
    December 22, 2017  

    It is never too early to incorporate yoga into your child’s physical activity. It helps with balance, posture, and discipline. Here are a few fun yoga poses to try with your children: Sunrise/Sunset This basic series of poses taken from the Sun Salutation helps to establish how yoga is performed. Start by standing up tall and take three to five deep breaths. On the next inhale, slowly lift your arms up over your head. With […]

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  • Easy Holiday Crafts for Younger Children
    December 19, 2017  

    Creating easy Christmas crafts for preschoolers and toddlers is a fun way to keep youngsters busy and encourage creative thinking. While the following activities are geared toward preschoolers, younger kids of all ages will also enjoy making these festive creations. Festive Pringles Containers There are so many ideas your kids can come up with using an empty chip cylinder and some simple art supplies. With some paint, a few stickers and a lot of imagination, […]

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  • Montessori Education Around the World
    November 27, 2017  

    All around the world, traditional classrooms vary depending on their location; this is due to cultural and national standards along with measurements of educational success. For example, if you entered a public school classroom in Japan, it would look much different than a public school classroom in America. Children are educated very differently, based on where they are. The Montessori Method Dr. Maria Montessori developed the Montessori method of education which first made its way […]

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  • 5 Handprint Holiday Crafts for Kids
    November 15, 2017  
    five handprint holiday crafts for kids

    The holidays are a fantastic time of year to try out new craft ideas for kids. Something even better than just a simple craft project is a craft that can also become a memento to keep for years to come, and holiday handprint crafts are perfect for that. It captures a specific moment in time when their hands were so tiny and cute! Here are some fantastic handprint holiday crafts for kids: Ornament – Take […]

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  • Is Your Child Ready for a Pet?
    October 20, 2017  

    When considering your child’s first pet, keep in mind your child’s age and developmental stage. If pet care will be his or her responsibility, be sure to pick an animal whose needs can be managed easily. Pet selection is very important; cats and dogs require a great deal of daily attention. Such animals need to be fed, walked, brushed, washed, cleaned up after, and their waste must be scooped up. Other creatures, like birds, fish, […]

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  • Fall Crafts for Kids
    October 11, 2017  

    With the colorful changing leaves, assorted gourds and cool weather, the time is now for fun fall activities. The following collection of easy craft ideas for kids features seasonal themes with items you can collect outdoors and other affordable materials. These creative fall crafts are child-friendly and will provide hours of artful fun. Not-so-Scary create the pumpkins. Draw stems with a brown marker and use a green marker to draw leaves and a vine to […]

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  • Kids and Sports Safety
    September 27, 2017  

    Sports can be a great way for children to receive social, emotional and physical benefits. However, sports injuries can be a serious and traumatic experience for children of any ages. Fortunately, many sports injuries can be avoided with proper planning and safety so that our children can continue enjoying the sports they love. Here are some tips for ensuring your child isn’t injured unnecessarily while participating in sports or athletic activities. Stretching & Warming Up […]

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