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  • 3 behaviours to forgive your child for
    July 2, 2013  

    Do you sometimes shake your head when you see your preschool child behave in a certain way? A top child psychiatrist has said that the two parts of a child’s brain are still developing when they are young – one that is responsible for impulses, emotions and pleasure and the other that is for responsible thinking and making decisions. So, if you are worried that your child is behaving poorly, don’t think that it is […]

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  • When over-praising can cause problems
    June 27, 2013  

    Praise is a thirst each human being has. All of us want to strive to be the best and earn praise. Children, especially ones who attend preschools and daycares love to do something right and get praised for it. Children feel good about themselves when they hear positive comments by their parents. Praise builds a child’s self-confidence. As great as praise can be, over-praise is bad. It’s like excess sugar. Praise dished out too frequently […]

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  • Three Mistakes Parents Make with Preschoolers
    June 25, 2013  

    Parenting must be the most difficult job in the world, one that comes with no manuals and kits but one that is full of new experiences every day. You will often be faced with a situation when your preschool child has the strong ability to push all your buttons, at once. Your patience flies out of the window and you can barely recognize yourself. And that is probably on a good day! Fear not parents, […]

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  • 3 Ways to Promote Sibling Harmony
    June 22, 2013  

      The one thing I heard a lot about at a preschool child’s birthday party recently is a common complaint of many parents around the world – why do my kids fight; that too over trivial matters. It drives us up the wall, I agree, but there are many things we should begin to do early in our children’s life to promote sibling harmony. It is not easy, but definitely brings about big changes between […]

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  • How to get our children to have some serious fun?
    June 18, 2013  

      Your child’s intellectual and physical abilities as well as the development of social skills are all dependent on the brain during their formative years. The brain produces billions and trillions of new connections between nerve cells and the experiences of a child. As educators and parents, we want to enhance this development. The question is how. The answer is to let them play! Here are some play activities you can do with your child: […]

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  • How to get kids to clean up?
    June 12, 2013  

    If there is one thing kids make a lot of, it is mess! If you have preschool aged children at home, you know exactly what I mean. If your children are old enough to pick up things, they are old enough to take some workload off you. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds. It takes loads of work to get children to clean up, but with some effort and lots of […]

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  • How to Calm a Hyper Toddler?
    June 7, 2013  

      If you cannot find the off switch on your hyper toddler can be difficult task at times. Although it is natural for your toddler to be hyper at times, it can sometimes indicate underlying problems like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Talk to your doctor if you think the problem is severe. Most of the time, a combination of tiring and calming activities can help you get your wound-up child wind down. Find […]

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  • Bonding with your Kids
    June 3, 2013  

      You might sometimes have a feeling that you have disconnected from your family and kids – with work, school, extracurricular activities, social obligations and so much more. If you think yelling has taken over playing, texting has taken over talking, then you need to read on to see how you can reconnect with your kids and family. Date Time! People put so much importance on the husband and wife relationship; a lot of advice […]

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  • Punishment for Children
    May 31, 2013  

        Although some experts believe that punishments are an ineffective parenting tool, many more believe that it is not punishment that is ineffective but the application of punishment that needs to be addressed. For your pre school child, punishments may be a form of reprimand when they do something wrong. At the same time, they need to also see positive parenting when you reinforce correct behavior. Our daycare children know that all actions, good […]

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  • The Importance of Exercise
    May 28, 2013  

      Just a couple of decades ago, children used to spend hours playing outside – playing the jump rope, kick the can, playing tag, hopscotch and more. Today, we see kids being forced outside to play so that they can be away from the television or video games, or both! Society today is starting to ignore the importance of physical activity amongst children, but Montessori believes that children, especially preschool children should play outside to […]

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