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  • Punishment for Children
    May 31, 2013  

        Although some experts believe that punishments are an ineffective parenting tool, many more believe that it is not punishment that is ineffective but the application of punishment that needs to be addressed. For your pre school child, punishments may be a form of reprimand when they do something wrong. At the same time, they need to also see positive parenting when you reinforce correct behavior. Our daycare children know that all actions, good […]

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  • The Importance of Exercise
    May 28, 2013  

      Just a couple of decades ago, children used to spend hours playing outside – playing the jump rope, kick the can, playing tag, hopscotch and more. Today, we see kids being forced outside to play so that they can be away from the television or video games, or both! Society today is starting to ignore the importance of physical activity amongst children, but Montessori believes that children, especially preschool children should play outside to […]

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  • Values for Children
    May 22, 2013  

      We might sometimes think that a preschool child is too young to know values; but this is where we underestimate our little ones. In reality, children are never too young to grasp positive information. Teaching values to your child is as important as imparting other educational tools to them. To remember the values you have taught them, children need self-direction. When they are in a certain situation, they are able to rely on themselves […]

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  • Car Travel with Kids
    May 16, 2013  

      Preschoolers need constant attention and stimulation. They are inquisitive and active and have loads of energy to burn. How often and how many times do you hear your preschooler go ‘are we there yet? When you are travelling with him? Add to this bickering amongst kids, bathrooms breaks, snack breaks and other unscheduled breaks – till it rips at your sanity? You wished you knew some magic formulas to travel with kids and be […]

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  • Bad Dreams and Nightmares
    May 13, 2013  

        You are probably used to having your preschool child coming to you in the middle of the night because of monsters under the bed or a nightmare. Some psychologists believe that bad dreams are an interpretation of what your child goes through during his waking hours. Try to avoid these bad dreams by following and implementing these tips. Television and Bedtime Turn off the television when it gets close to bedtime. Programs like […]

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  • Ways to Keep Cool with Preschoolers
    May 8, 2013  

      Your preschool child may have trotted through the entire day at school with ease; but when he gets back home, you may find that he is either downright uncooperative, tests your patience, is whiny or all of the above. What is going on? What do you do? Psychologists say that it is perfectly normal behavior. I mean, look at how often we don’t feel like doing anything after a long day at work. Kids […]

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  • Why yelling at your kids does not work
    May 5, 2013  

    You would have, at one time or other faced a situation when despite all the parenting skills you have followed, all you want to do is to scream at your child. He may have either been irresponsible, hurtful or has ignored you despite repetitions. After moments of calming down, you’d have asked yourself the same question all parents do, “Why did I scream again? Why do I let him push my buttons so easily?” Yelling […]

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  • Giving Good Instructions to your Preschool Child
    April 29, 2013  

    Do you find it difficult to get your child to do something? Do you find yourself repeating several times? One big reason may be the way you are asking. Children are not built the same way as adults are. You cannot use the same method of instruction on your child as you would with your spouse or an adult. For a young child to understand instruction, it has to be done differently. Here are some […]

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  • Are you Spoiling your Young Child?
    April 25, 2013  

    This little word ‘spoiled’ is a very loaded one; one with more than one meaning for parents. There are many versions of spoiling a child – a nagging adult accusing you of spoiling your child, a kind grandparent who spoiled you as a young child by indulging, or a rude unruly kid you might have seen in an aisle of a grocery store throwing a fit. Here, we are looking at spoiled in the situation […]

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  • Your Pre-schooler and lies
    April 24, 2013  

    What would you feel if you found out that your pre-schooler was lying to you? Sad, angry, disappointed, offended or hurt….or all of the above? You may even end up punishing yourself for it, but keep in mind that you have done nothing wrong. You have not failed in your teachings of moral behaviour. In fact, pre-school children do not really have a good sense of moral behaviour as they are just learning it at […]

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