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  • Why yelling at your kids does not work
    May 5, 2013  

    You would have, at one time or other faced a situation when despite all the parenting skills you have followed, all you want to do is to scream at your child. He may have either been irresponsible, hurtful or has ignored you despite repetitions. After moments of calming down, you’d have asked yourself the same question all parents do, “Why did I scream again? Why do I let him push my buttons so easily?” Yelling […]

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  • Giving Good Instructions to your Preschool Child
    April 29, 2013  

    Do you find it difficult to get your child to do something? Do you find yourself repeating several times? One big reason may be the way you are asking. Children are not built the same way as adults are. You cannot use the same method of instruction on your child as you would with your spouse or an adult. For a young child to understand instruction, it has to be done differently. Here are some […]

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  • Are you Spoiling your Young Child?
    April 25, 2013  

    This little word ‘spoiled’ is a very loaded one; one with more than one meaning for parents. There are many versions of spoiling a child – a nagging adult accusing you of spoiling your child, a kind grandparent who spoiled you as a young child by indulging, or a rude unruly kid you might have seen in an aisle of a grocery store throwing a fit. Here, we are looking at spoiled in the situation […]

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  • Your Pre-schooler and lies
    April 24, 2013  

    What would you feel if you found out that your pre-schooler was lying to you? Sad, angry, disappointed, offended or hurt….or all of the above? You may even end up punishing yourself for it, but keep in mind that you have done nothing wrong. You have not failed in your teachings of moral behaviour. In fact, pre-school children do not really have a good sense of moral behaviour as they are just learning it at […]

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  • 3 essential gifts to give your child
    April 17, 2013  

      Parenting evolves with every generation, with new technological developments, and with the changing patterns of human behavior. There are however, some things every individual should have in them. Montessori believes that regardless of your financial, time or any other constraints, here are three gifts you should give your children now. The Gift of Empathy We all like to have close relationships with people and want the same for our children. The focal point to […]

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  • Spending free quality time with your children
    April 14, 2013  

      Spending quality time with your children does not necessarily mean you need to spend a fortune on them. Most memories we have of our childhood revolved around things we did that did not involve money. So how can you spend some quality and memorable time with your children?   One thing the teachers at our preschool have learnt over their experiences with your young children is that kids do notice when you’re giving them […]

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  • Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen
    April 11, 2013  

    One thing parents and teachers often complain about is getting children to listen. You all must have been through at least one episode when you had repeated the same instructions to your child at least five times and you were ignored. You then proceed to tell them five more times, this time more loudly, only reminding yourself of the type of parent you did not want to be! So what can you do to change […]

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  • How to Win over a Stubborn Child
    April 8, 2013  

        As your child approaches the age of about three, you will see your child making more decisions of her own, sometimes even defying your decisions at times. You may come to a point when you will want to pull your hair out, scream till the bats hear you or stomp your feet to your room (or all of these at the same time); but we are going to show you how you can […]

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  • Creating Montessori learning opportunities at home
    April 4, 2013  

    Did you know that some games you play with your toddlers can actually influence their interest in learning subjects like science and math as they grow older? If you spend just a few minutes a day with the Reggio based games and activities below, your child will learn much more easily. Young children are natural mathematicians and scientists because of their desire to explore, experiment and their natural curiosity; according to educational experts at the […]

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  • Toddler temper tantrums


    March 17, 2013  

    Temper tantrums – a highly scary word for parents and caregivers. Have you ever wondered why a young child has a temper tantrum? Consider this: Most toddlers have a very limited vocabulary. Your child may be trying to figure something out or complete a certain task. He can’t find the words to express himself. Frustration slowly creeps in and triggers the anger button – and you have a temper tantrum. Team the frustration up with […]

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