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  • Creating Montessori learning opportunities at home
    April 4, 2013  

    Did you know that some games you play with your toddlers can actually influence their interest in learning subjects like science and math as they grow older? If you spend just a few minutes a day with the Reggio based games and activities below, your child will learn much more easily. Young children are natural mathematicians and scientists because of their desire to explore, experiment and their natural curiosity; according to educational experts at the […]

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  • Toddler temper tantrums


    March 17, 2013  

    Temper tantrums – a highly scary word for parents and caregivers. Have you ever wondered why a young child has a temper tantrum? Consider this: Most toddlers have a very limited vocabulary. Your child may be trying to figure something out or complete a certain task. He can’t find the words to express himself. Frustration slowly creeps in and triggers the anger button – and you have a temper tantrum. Team the frustration up with […]

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  • Tips for a healthy school year


    March 11, 2013  
    girl running

      As you enjoy the last few days of the summer break; you create a mental list of all the things you need to do before the new school year begins. One important thing is a visit to the pediatrician. You may think that booster shots and regular check ups may be the key to a healthy child; but many pediatricians and we at Montessori Sugar Land believe that your child needs an overall health […]

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  • The Fine Art of Sharing
    March 7, 2013  

    Have you ever looked at a toddler’s rules for living?   “It’s mine….I want it” “If I was playing with it…..it’s only mine”   You get the drift. You have just learnt what belongs to others and what belongs to you….and now you want me to share??? Sharing is a difficult thing to do for most toddlers. Thankfully, as they grow to the ages of three to four, sharing does become easier. What can you […]

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  • manners, manners, manners


    March 5, 2013  

    We have all seen at one time or other, a child that lacks manners. Remember cringing in fear when faced with a child like that? Remember telling yourself that you will ensure your child has manners? Well, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Maria Montessori had the child’s mind mapped out so perfectly all those years ago, that the principles still apply perfectly today. Montessori preschools all over the world instill manners by simple […]

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  • Communicating with your child the Montessori way
    March 3, 2013  

    When it comes to preschool education, activities are centered on the goals of the program the preschool follows. At Preschool Sugar Land, we believe that the Montessori way is an endless opportunity for the child’s learning and how the caregivers conduct activities through the right communication method. At Montessori preschools, communication is always much more than words and tone. Body language and attitude is also as important. As a parent, you may want to follow […]

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  • 3 Montessori home parenting tips
    March 1, 2013  

    When your child is attending a Montessori preschool, the best thing for you to do is to create a similar environment at home too. It’s really not very difficult. In most situations, it is simply about putting yourself in your child’s shoes just for a few minutes a day. 1. Respect Why are Montessori schools different from other pre schools? At Preschool Sugarland, our teachers constantly put themselves in the children’s shoes when they want […]

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  • Bringing Montessori Home
    February 18, 2013  
    daycare montessori sugar land preschool

    So you have made the right choice for your child by putting him in a Montessori school. Here he will learn all the wonderful lessons that will develop him socially and academically. The school directress will encourage you to have a Montessori environment at home to further enhance your child’s experience. You are wondering if you need to equip your home with all the Montessori apparatus. Well, no…..what you need to do is to follow […]

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  • Montessori’s Impact in Today’s Society
    February 15, 2013  
    montessori child working motor skills in memorial montessori sugar land

    Education is always evolving. The Montessori system however; which is over a hundred years old is one system that does not require change and updating. It is the only system that has worked for all the generations and will continue to do so. When we walk around in Montessori schools, we may suddenly feel like Alice in Wonderland; little tables with little chairs, little shelving units, little toilets with little wash basins. Everything in Montessori […]

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  • The Montessori Approach to Early Childhood
    February 11, 2013  
    Early childhood montessori preschool sugar land daycare

    There are new approaches being certified every year on the different approaches to early childhood. As time change, so do demands of society and due to this, children are also exposed to different things as generations go by. There are some things however, that remain evergreen. The Montessori approach is one of them.  At a birthday party for a four year old last weekend, I noticed how all the children from different early childhood teachings […]

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