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  • Benefits of Summer School
    June 21, 2017  

    When it comes to enrolling your children in summer school, there are pretty strong arguments for and against. Many families feel that summer is a time for kids to just be kids and are unwilling to enroll their children in any summer programs. However, not all summer schools are created equal, and some of them can be extremely beneficial to your child’s overall development. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to […]

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  • Home and Public Pool Safety
    May 31, 2017  

    Summer is right around the corner and kids everywhere will be putting on their bathing suits to hop in! To make sure you have the most fun possible, taking safety precautions before going for a swim is always recommended. Here are Memorial Montessori’s summer pool safety tips: Home Swimming Pool Safety Tips Wondering what you can do to make your swimming pool safe? Always be sure to keep an eye on children when they are […]

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  • Summer Activities for Kids
    May 11, 2017  

    School vacation break is almost upon usso now is the time to start planning summer activities for kids. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable summer ideas for kids, that are fun, some educational, that won’t hurt your wallet. Too often, parents overlook simpler sources of entertainment that children will enjoy. Summer Kids Activities Here is a list of summertime activities for preschoolers and school age children. Most of the summer ideas for kids included are […]

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  • Children and Sports
    April 25, 2017  

    Sport Activities for Kids Sport activities for kids help them develop strong physical skills, get the exercise their growing bodies need, and develop lasting friendships. With all those benefits of sports children also have fun, they learn how to be a productive team player, and build self-esteem. Benefits of Sports for Kids The valuable behaviors and attitudes that children are taught through sports follow them throughout life. It is important for parents to be proactive […]

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  • Benefits of Montessori Programs for Younger Children
    April 12, 2017  

    Parents know their children best, and only they can choose the right preschool for them. Luckily, there are many options to choose from, including Montessori programs for younger children. Montessori is based on research and evidence that supports their educational methods. If you are wondering if a Montessori school is best for your child, consider the following list of benefits their teaching philosophy delivers. 1.Targets key stages of development. The Montessori method centers on the […]

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  • Music and Education: How Music Affects Brain Development
    March 27, 2017  

    A Montessori education is all about fostering natural development while supporting the unique needs of each child during each separate developmental stage. The implementation of this process revolves around five simple principles: respect, the absorbent mind, sensitive periods, a prepared classroom and auto-education. Music is an important part of the Montessori environment. It enables non-verbal communication and expression; it encourages children to enjoy music and feel joyful; enhances literacy, math skills, and brain development overall. […]

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  • Left Brain vs. Right Brain Learning
    March 4, 2017  

    The brain is an amazing, intriguing and very complex organ. It is responsible for human intelligence, managing senses, movement, and all behaviors. The human brain is made up of two hemispheres, the right half, and the left half, each is responsible for controlling different functions. Both sides communicate information through a connection of nerves that join that two halves. The right brain oversees most of the functions and movement on the left side of the […]

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  • Benefits of After-School Programs
    March 2, 2017  

    After-school programs have become more and more prevalent across schools, and for good reason. These programs have a large number of benefits for both students, and parents alike. For one, an after-school program involves supervising and helping your child as they participate in different activities, so you can be more confident about leaving your child in the hands of their teachers, especially if you work past regular school hours.In addition, students have the chance to […]

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  • Spring Activities for Kids
    February 28, 2017  

    Spring, the season of new beginnings, is one of the most pleasant seasons. Even wordsmiths have witnessed the beauty of spring and have expressed in beautiful ways. It’s the time when nature adorns the city with its natural elements. It has signification in everyone’s culture; hence it is one of the most important and much awaited seasons across the globe. It is also a time where kids enjoy their school break. While many of you […]

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  • The Importance of Global Education
    February 7, 2017  

    Coevals are passed in the educational system with basic subjects in elementary school and the addition of special electives in secondary schools. However, today’s kids are a lot more than math, science, and social studies. They are exposed to the 70% of the globe and the activities around through the various screened gadgets present around us. Millennials are more anxious to know about worldly activities than older adults in today’s time. For this reason, it […]

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