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  • ‘Terrible Two’ Tantrums
    February 9, 2016  

    Entering the Terrible Two Zone When your babies enter their terrible second year, it can be a difficult time to adjust to for both you and your child. Tantrums are a norm during this age period. The bad thing about this phase is that it can be emotionally and physically exhausting, while the good thing and perhaps the best is that this phase doesn’t last for long! So don’t let it wear you down too […]

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  • The Importance of Math in Early Childhood Education
    December 16, 2015  

    Education- A Birth Right Most people will agree that education is a birthright; each child has a right to an education. As the saying goes, ‘Education is the backbone of a nation.’ Under education come several subjects, one of the most important being Mathematics. Why Math? A lot of children often ask their parents “What will I ever do with Math?” As sincere as they are in their desire to avoid taking math classes, they […]

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  • The Benefits of Coloring
    December 14, 2015  

    The Desire to Color As kids begin talking and developing their motor skills, one of the most common activities they are often engaged in is coloring. Many may think that coloring is simply there to keep young children busy, but in reality, coloring has great benefits. Many of which are unknown to most adults. Coloring Benefits Some of the greatest benefits incorporated with coloring are: • Coloring helps children learn how to hold a pencil […]

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  • Determining Talent in Your Child
    October 28, 2015  

    Gifted Creatures Children are gifted individuals who are discovering who they are as they grow. Each child develops skills and talents, if you are wondering whether or not your child has some kind of special talent, play closer attention. You may be wondering how. The answer is, there’s rarely an easy way to spot talent. In most cases, there are a few things you need to do on your part to spot the talent and […]

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  • How to Deal With Children’s Disruptive Behavior
    September 14, 2015  

    The Challenge of Parenthood Parenting is a rewarding gift that comes with a heavy priority. Like so many other things in life, parenting has its challenges that parents need to overcome with much patience and guidance, and one of the greatest challenges that parents face is dealing with disruptive behavior in children. Ways to Combat Disruptive Behavior Set a goal: Remember that setting one thing at a time is easier to achieve than setting several […]

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  • Teaching Your Kids How to Brush Properly
    September 2, 2015  

    Teaching your children about their dental hygiene is one of the biggest hurdles of parenting. Failing to do so can often result in cavities and toothaches. Here are a few pointers on how to teach your kids to brush their teeth properly. Pick a toothbrush of their own choice: Children mostly like cartoons and Disney themed tooth brushes. Let them choose their brushes in the store. There are some battery operated toy toothbrushes in the […]

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  • How to Deal with Your Child’s Eating Problems
    August 24, 2015  

    Children are naturally stubborn, especially when it comes to anything food related. Getting those children to eat healthy is obviously a strenuous task for most parents. Most of the children like eating junk food, but that is obviously unhealthy for them. A healthy diet is all you need to nourish their physical and mental health. Instead of forcing them to eat healthy, you should come up with new ideas of encouraging them to eat without […]

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  • Parental Bonding: the Key to a Happy Child
    August 11, 2015  

    One of the most challenging yet rewarding roles is that of parents. Parenting is not a role that every person is able to experience. Those who are fortunate enough to have children rarely realize the enormity of the blessing they have by being given this role. This is primarily due to the challenges and pressures that come along with parenting, not to mention the difficult or tantrum prone child. Why is Parental Bonding Important? Parents […]

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  • Managing a Toddler on a Flight
    June 29, 2015  

    Honestly, the idea of taking a toddler on a flight is something that may bring you a moderate to major sense of dread. It is a different story to have a baby on a flight, although they may cry at some point during the trip, they can be entertained with doses of milk and fiddling with some toys, sleeping most of the way through. Once they are able to use their legs, why would they […]

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  • 3 Coping Skills for Your Impatient Child
    June 1, 2015  

    Delays are something nobody particularly likes, but toddlers have a very hard time being patient. Every parent has been there – the stomping, the tears and the meltdowns. All this for waiting – for a turn, for a friend to visit, to buy a toy. It can be frustrating for any parent to go through the whole sobbing and whining drill, but this is also the time for you to practice your sense of control. […]

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