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  • Managing a Toddler on a Flight
    June 29, 2015  

    Honestly, the idea of taking a toddler on a flight is something that may bring you a moderate to major sense of dread. It is a different story to have a baby on a flight, although they may cry at some point during the trip, they can be entertained with doses of milk and fiddling with some toys, sleeping most of the way through. Once they are able to use their legs, why would they […]

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  • 3 Coping Skills for Your Impatient Child
    June 1, 2015  

    Delays are something nobody particularly likes, but toddlers have a very hard time being patient. Every parent has been there – the stomping, the tears and the meltdowns. All this for waiting – for a turn, for a friend to visit, to buy a toy. It can be frustrating for any parent to go through the whole sobbing and whining drill, but this is also the time for you to practice your sense of control. […]

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  • 3 Annoying Toddler Habits – Part 2
    May 11, 2015  

    If you enjoyed part 1 of this article, here are a few more habits of toddlers that may seem annoying, but are actually great for their development. You will see your toddler in a new light after this! ATH #4: Tantrums The bad news is that even after you know that throwing tantrums is a part of a toddler’s development, you may still cringe when your toddler throws a fit in the supermarket aisle the […]

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  • 3 Annoying but Essential Habits of Toddlers – Part 1
    May 1, 2015  

    Toddlers are synonymous with exploration and curiosity – their unwavering desire to discover new things can often make you want to pull your hair out because of the mischief that comes with it. Although they are undeniably adorable, looks can be deceiving. There are times they will ignore every single rule you have set, press all your wrong buttons and go into super quiet modes when you know they are up to something sneaky. As […]

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  • Limiting your Child’s Screen Time
    April 24, 2015  

    Did you know that according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, kids under the age of 6 spend an average of two hours a day in front of a screen? The effects of staring at the television or computer screen for an extended period of time are not good on your child. It has been seen that children who watch too much television are more likely to be obese and have aggressive behaviour. They are likely […]

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  • Supporting your Socially Worried Child
    April 7, 2015  

    A great concern for many parents is that their children are shy. But what does shy even mean? Many ‘shy’ children are actually sensitive. This means that they are very aware and affected by the environment around them. Other ‘shy’ children are just introverts, they just want time to themselves to renew their energy. Some are just so absorbed by their own projects, they are not very interested in social interaction. So how can a […]

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  • Giving Thanks
    November 25, 2014  

    We, as adults, are aware of what Thanksgiving has come to mean in the American culture, but kids are new, and can sometimes have a hard time understanding the significance behind Thanksgiving. Here are a few fun facts to help them understand the wonderful holiday, and to hopefully offer their own ‘thanks’ around the table this Thursday. The Beginning: The Pilgrims and the Native American tribe the Wampanoag, were the first to celebrate Thanksgiving, but […]

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  • Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips
    October 29, 2014  

    It’s not the ghosts and the ghouls parents have to worry about this Halloween Holiday! Kids tend to get a little hyper, and a little adventurous when they’re dressed as their favorite character; or perhaps an alter ego for those truly dedicated. Keep them safe, and harm free with these tips and tricks. Candy  Oh the bounty your child will have! Just make sure that if they have any allergies that you are screening their […]

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  • Privacy and Respect
    August 20, 2014  

    When it comes to teaching your kids about privacy and respect, nothing is more important than having these important life lessons learned through trial and error. Most memories that are retained from early childhood, and adolescence are done so by repetition, and consistency.   In most cases, everyday situations can provide enough fodder for kids to learn about privacy and respect both in terms of others around them, and themselves. Teaching them it’s a two […]

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  • Eating Healthy is a Family Affair
    August 13, 2014  

    We all know that children learn in different ways, but most studies show that the most important life lessons are taught by emulation. That means that whatever you do, or don’t do, your child will learn by imitating your behavior. Think of kids like little sponges, taking in every moment, gesture, wording…etc., and learning that those things are the norm in our society. So what better way to teach your kids the importance of healthy […]

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