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  • Encouraging a Shy Preschooler
    March 10, 2014  

    You will always see some children of a preschool age bounce through life eager to try out new experiences that come their way. You will also see some shy ones that hang back and cling to a parent’s hand, or hide behind a parent and observe activities without wanting to be a part of it. For parents of shy preschool children, you will know that balancing the new experiences your child needs with the safety […]

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  • 8 Top Educational Apps for Kids Under 10
    March 6, 2014  

        When we were all first introduced to smartphone about seven years ago, it did take us all some time to get used to the smartness of the phone. Depending on apps for entertainment, reminders and even daily accounts surely made life easier. Then we began to see how young children, as young as two, could easily make their way through all the apps of the phone with no trouble! Our children started to […]

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  • The homework tug-of-war
    February 12, 2014  

        When discussing children at dinner parties and get-togethers, one big winner topic that is almost always discussed is the ‘homework issue’. Parents are constantly looking for magic formulas that will make their children complete their homework magically without any reminders and hassles. Has this been on your wish list too? Stop for a few moments and consider this: Our children wake up at an ungodly hour to get dressed for school. They travel […]

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  • Creating a Relationship with Your Kids
    January 6, 2014  

      Bonding with your child in today’s world where parents are busy at work and children are busy at preschool and activities can be a bit challenging at times. You are all going through the daily grind together, but that does not necessarily mean you are spending time together.   Time is precious and as a working parent, it can become overwhelming dealing with work and home. Leave the laundry in the basket a bit […]

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  • Limiting TV Time for Preschoolers
    December 9, 2013  

    We all have been guilty of using the TV to occupy our children from time to time. With the thousands of demands placed on us parents, TV can help us by keeping our preschool children happily absorbed for just that little while. We also know how important it is to limit TV time. Preschool children who watch too much TV are at the risk of higher body mass index, lower grades in school and decreased […]

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  • 4 Educational Apps for Kids Under 6
    December 2, 2013  

      There is no running from the technology today. You may limit time on these gadgets, but they are in our lives. Instead of playing mindless games on them, encourage your preschool child to try out these apps that teach them something.   1. Mister Rogers Make a Journal for Preschoolers Mr. Rogers cares about children’s feelings and that is why he is loved. In this app, you will find an animated version of Daniel […]

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  • 5 Rules for Reading Aloud to Preschoolers
    November 25, 2013  

    Reading bedtime stories is one important routine in your child’s life. It is important to do it the right way if you want your child to benefit with a range of vocabulary. Here are some reading-aloud tips for parents of preschoolers to ensure your child is ready for kindergarten at the right time. 1. Make it a daily habit It is good to start reading to your child early on in their lives and make […]

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  • Preparing Your Child For Emergencies
    November 18, 2013  

        We may think that when children are very young, we will always be there to take care of them and protect them come what may. At Memorial Montessori, we prepare our pre-school kids for emergencies simply because emergencies are things that are never planned. It is always a good idea to equip your child with some basics of handling emergencies for their own good. If you live in a region where natural disasters […]

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  • How Preschoolers Think
    November 12, 2013  

      Although you may sometimes worry about the whacky ideas your preschool child comes up with, it is all part of growing up, according to experts. The famous psychologist Jean Piaget had come up with a list in the 1920s, of all the things pre-schoolers are capable of: Although preschoolers are able to speak in complex sentences, their thought process may not always be logical to an outsider, ie adults. A common example is, “if […]

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  • Managing your last born
    November 5, 2013  

    When we first become parents, we have this set of ideals about parenting and the things we will do to ensure we get parenting right. We have set timings for sleeping and outdoors and feeding. We are also quite particular when it comes to discipline. Your first born will always hold a special place in your heart. When it comes to your last born however, all the rules are broken. The baby of the family […]

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