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  • Managing your last born
    November 5, 2013  

    When we first become parents, we have this set of ideals about parenting and the things we will do to ensure we get parenting right. We have set timings for sleeping and outdoors and feeding. We are also quite particular when it comes to discipline. Your first born will always hold a special place in your heart. When it comes to your last born however, all the rules are broken. The baby of the family […]

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  • 3 Practical Tips to Increase Your Child’s Attention Span
    October 22, 2013  

    You can’t blame children with short attention spans in this era of distractions when adults sometimes have problems keeping it together. Help your children increase their attention span with these tips…. #1 – A conducive environment. Although many people have different views on this one, I personally think that if an environment is made conducive to work and study, your child will be able to focus better. If you have a TV and an X-Box […]

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  • 6 Essential Manners for Children
    October 13, 2013  

    What do you feel when you see a child without manners? I’d rather see a colicky crying baby anytime! Manners are just as essential for children from a preschool level as it is for adults. Here are some essential manners every child should develop. Children who lack manners are often ostracized and the parents of that child are often talked about. So, take some time out and teach your preschool child the manners he will […]

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  • Road Trip with Kids
    October 7, 2013  

    A road trip with the family is the best way to spend a short vacation. You spend time together and come back all refreshed from your trip. The only dread is when the whining starts with the kids, especially if you have preschool kids with you. Here are some ways to keep all of you sane during your fun holiday.   Games are not only a great way to pass time during a road trip; […]

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  • Teaching Kids to Say Sorry
    September 26, 2013  

      All parents want to teach their kids to apologize and at times we force our kids to do so. This probably makes parents feel better but the children involved rarely understand the effects of their behavior or the lack of it. Would it not be better to put the ‘sorry’ on the side for a bit, calm down and collect yourselves and follow these few tips to ensure kids actually say sorry and mean […]

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  • Child Nagging and Negotiating
    September 18, 2013  

    You will not find more persistence than in a household where there are preschool children nagging and negotiating at every bend to get what they want. Children will ask and ask and ask again in the case that you might change your mind the last moment. Trust me, it is not only the young kids who do this….my kids who are 14 and 10, do try their luck at times too. According to experts, child […]

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  • Routines for Toddlers : Simple Routines, Happy Toddlers
    September 7, 2013  

    We all live in a world that is rushed, competitive and tiring – a world that leaves us frazzled and confused at times. We try to squeeze in optimum parenting time in between the thousands of other things we have to do. We spend all of summer being a little lazy, a little relaxed and then spend the first weeks of school trying hard getting back to routine. We often forget that preschool children need […]

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  • 5 reasons NOT to smack and still discipline
    August 13, 2013  

    Recent surveys have shown that many parents admitted to smacking their kids at one time or other. Most of these parents did not feel great about it. Some reasons why you should not smack: 1. Some people say they just give a tap or a little smack. There are no such gray areas in smacking. It is purely black and white. You either smack or don’t. Make a decision not to. You will never know […]

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  • How do you know if you are a good parent?
    August 7, 2013  

      Remember the exasperated moments when you hold your head and secretly as yourself: Am I a good parent? There are times when we are all not too sure of what we are doing and whether we are doing it right. There is no right or wrong answer here and every parent has a different parenting method. However, here are some ways in which you can find out if you are on the right path. […]

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  • Encouragement VS Praise
    August 1, 2013  

    “Finished your meal – you’re a champ!” “Look at that art work – it’s the best I have ever seen!” “You’re the best swimmer!” “You used the toilet…..let’s tell daddy what a brilliant girl you are!” Have you used some of these praises lately? Positive parenting encourages praise, but drenching preschool kids with praise has started to become like a nervous tic for many modern day parents. Is our notion of praise going a bit […]

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