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Why Reading to Your Child is Important

why reading to your child is important

Children as young as two years old have the ability to pick up and learn important traits and skills from the world around them. One of the ways to promote learning in children is by reading to them. Besides promoting a growing imagination and basic reading skills, reading has the ability to instill these important characteristics in children:

  1. Speech Skills – Reading to young children reinforces certain speech and reading patterns that helps in their development of speech skills. By listening to you read, they are picking up on sounds that help form various words. Reading to your child also leads to a better understanding vocabulary in early education.


  1. Communication Skills – When children experience character interactions within a story you’re reading, it gives them a starting point of learning how to interact with others and greatly improves their communication with you and others around them. Talking to your child about a story also helps with their communication, and opens up their ability to discuss topics in conversation later on.


  1. Logical Thinking – Understanding the order of events that takes place in a story (or its plot) promotes logical thinking in young children. They also get an early grasp of cause and effect, another important aspect in logical thinking.


  1. Higher Academics – Studies have shown that reading to younger children promotes a higher aptitude for learning as they grow older. Children who are read to show a better grasp in not only language arts and reading, but in other subjects introduced in early education such as math, science, and social studies. Reading to your child also promotes the fun of learning!


  1. Improves Your Relationship – Reading to your child also increases your relationship; taking the time out of each day to sit and read with your child builds a special relationship between you that becomes long-lasting!